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Enroll your new puppy in a 4-week training program before he or she comes home!

This training will give your puppy a good foundation for you to build upon and helps smooth the transition process coming to a new home.


Training starts at 8 weeks of age and concludes when

puppies are 12 weeks old. 


During the 4 week training, your puppy will be exposed

to regular grooming, bathing, blow drying and nail

clipping and shaping with the Dremel tool. Your puppy will

be started in basic obedience which includes manding, sit,

down, stand/stack, stay, sending to target, introduction to

leash work and walking in heeling position. Your puppy will

also start crate training and beginning stages of potty

training. Your puppy will receive his 12-week booster 

vaccine as well by a licensed veterinarian. 

A lot of individual, private time is spent with your puppy while in training. Multiple short sessions throughout the day keeps puppies focused and engaged at this young age. 

Puppy Jump Start is only available for two puppies each litter as it is very time consuming. If you wish to enroll your puppy, you must arrange prior, to ensure there is room available in the program. 

Cost is $675  - 5/6 days a week training for 4 weeks and a private training session with you and your puppy before going home. 

Watch this video link below. This is an example of the weekly video updates you will get of your puppy. The puppy in this video is 10 weeks old and in her 2nd week of training! 



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