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A Division Of Longevity Equine, LLC

Over the last 13 years owning aussies as a part of our family, the opportunity presented itself to share our love of this versatile breed with our loved ones and those around us. We believe that the Australian Shepherd is a breed worthy of hard work on the farm as well as living in the home as a family member and guardian. They are bred to herd livestock, but also thrive as active partners in a lot of other areas that we tend to enjoy. We take our dogs swimming, hiking, running and trail riding along side us horseback. We love the breed for this reason!


Their active nature and need to please make them fun and easy to get along with. With regular exercise and mental training opportunities, they have an 'off' switch when in the house and will gladly watch TV and take long naps enjoying the quiet time.

Our dogs are AKC/ASCA registered, as well as tested for the common genetic disorders that this breed can carry, also including OFA Hip and Elbow clearances. It has taken a lot of time and hard decisions selecting suitable dogs, raising them up over the course of several years to make sure that they will represent the breed well and make good, healthy companions. We are striving to produce healthy strong dogs that can adapt and fit well into the active family home, as well as succeed with the performance driven competitor

The dogs are our passion, which consumes the majority of our "free" time. We are constantly trying to improve our home and facilities to better suit our 4 legged family members. In addition to the dogs, I, Kristine, work and run a horse training and teaching program in Cle Elum as well - Longevity Equine, LLC. The dogs accompany me many of the days I go to train and teach. Always moving, always outside, this breed is irreplaceable, and I hold each dog very close to my heart. We believe if we are able to share even an ounce of the devotion, love, energy and happiness these great dogs bring to our lives, we know it will change the lives of those who it touches.


We welcome you to contact us with any questions. We will keep our website as well as our Facebook page current with news and updates!

- Kristine & Robert Hanes

About Us:

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